Activos Capital would like to introduce our new and exciting Business to Business Financing division based on an Operational Rental structure. This means that you can now supply your serial numbered products to companies on a contractual operating rental. This is a very diverse yet easy concept which can change the way you think and dream about your business.

How the process works:

  • Register your company as an Activos Capital Supplier.
  • One of our Agents will visit you to discuss the Financing Process in detail and supply you with the needed information, documentation and material to formulate your own product packages for presentation (Activos will accommodate you in every deal by helping to package, arrange and deliver the deal)
  • Any registered company can now apply for finance or packaged deal from your company.
  • a Minimum amount of R20 000 per transaction is applicable but no maximum amounts. The amount financed is subject to customer affordability
  • We offer 24 to 60 month terms with various escalation and residual value options to tailor a transaction to your customer’s needs.

We believe that the Activos Capital – Business to Business structure will be beneficial for both your company and that of your client.

A few benefits for the applicant:

  • No upfront cash outlay
  • VAT is paid over the term of the rental
  • Rental is off balance sheet and therefore deemed to be an expense to the customer
  • Monthly rental premium is fully tax deductible
  • Rental is OPEX and not CAPEX
  • Rental does not affect the customers gearing on their balance sheet
  • Usually no deposits
  • Flexible finance options

Benefits for merchant:

  • Cash transaction
  • Increasing Instant Cash Flow
  • Opportunity of ongoing contracts with clients
  • Ensuring a growth in clientele