PayAll offers a secure and convergent payment gateway solutions to suite both consumers and merchants. Companies can now convert their websites into online stores, collect and disburse client payments, offer your customers an eWallet (debit and mobile payment facility), buy and sell prepaid airtime, advertise your products directly to the consumer market, and subscribe to the PayAll VISA card services. The PayAll VISA card services is a secure gateway to send money instantly in over 90 currencies. The visa card can also be used for Blue Collar payroll, even if the employee does not have a bank account. PayAlls transactions are facilitated from one central point and all industry related compliances are in place.

PayAll services:

  • PayAll online: Credit card, debit card, electronic transfers, bank transfer, financed and a layby payment option).
  • MultiPay: Collections and disbursements.
  • VAP: Prepaid airtime.
  • PAM: PayAll money – eWallet.
  • PayAll media: Direct advertisement.